Sprout Accelerator Alumni 2016 - 2019


Arepa - 2019

Clinically tested functional food formula for improved mental clarity.

  • Technology: Emerging Foods


Bumblebox - 2019

A scaleable Bumblebee rearing system for pollination.

  • Technology: BioTech


Harvester - 2019

AI modelling for precision horticulture.

  • Technology: Software & AI

Hortworx - Blue.jpg

HortWorx - 2019

Autonomous vehicles for packhouse and orchard productivity.

  • Technology: Automation


Metris - 2019

Weather and forecasting AI to help farmers and growers manage climate change.

  • Technology: Software & AI

Next Farm - Logo.jpg

Next Farm - 2019

IoT for fixed grid irrigation.

  • Technology: Sensors & IoT


Power Plant - 2019

Vertical farming equipment for high yielding farms.

  • Technology: Indoor Growing

Riverwatch logo.png

Riverwatch - 2019

IoT to help farmers keep our waterways healthy.

  • Technology: Sensors & IoT

Symbrosia Solutions.png

Symbrosia Solutions - 2019 International

Circular Aquaculture to produce methane reducing stock feed.

  • Technology: Indoor Growing


Vine Eye - 2019

Image analysis and machine learning to detect early signs of disease in grapevines.

  • Technology: Robotics & Automation


Xibus - 2019 International

Pathogen Detection for safe food and beverage supply chains.

  • Technology: Robotics & Automation


Zigloa - 2019

Simplify food labelling and regulation

  • Technology: Software & AI

Sprout Alumni_abnzlogo.jpg

ABNZ - 2018

A New Zealand made, high quality collagen powder for the International wound care market.

  • Technology type: Biotech

Sprout Alumni_ACURIS.png

Acuris Systems - 2018

Self driving vehicles for farmers and growers, which automates the capturing of data and crop analysis in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

  • Technology type: Robotics & AI

Sprout Alumni_Farmote Systems.jpg

Farmote - 2018

Remote pasture and crop monitoring using sensors and software for measurements.

  • Technology type: Sensors & IoT

Sprout Alumni_Hectre.jpg

Hectre - 2018

Orchard management software & hardware for apple orchardists.

  • Technology type: Software & big data

Sprout Alumni_Holsim.jpg

Holsim - 2018

Augmented reality software for advanced animal husbandry and veterinary training of animal health professionals.

  • Technology type: Augmented reality

Sprout Alumni_micropod.jpg

Micropod - 2018

A novel mechanism for growing microgreens at home with no soil required.

  • Technology type: Indoor growing

Sprout Alumni_Onside.png

OnSide - 2018

On farm mobile risk management software for farmers to capture and protect what they love about their farm.

  • Technology type: Software & IoT

Sprout Alumni_Precision Cultivation

Precision Cultivation - 2018

Precision strip tillage machine is designed to dramatically increase yield of crops and reduce soil damage during cultivation.

  • Technology type: Automation

Sprout Alumni_Shellfish Technology.jpg

Shellfish Technologies - 2018

A proprietary, automated shellfish opening machine that increases the value of shellfish in the market.

  • Technology type: Automation

Sprout Alumni_Ceratech.png

Ceratech - 2017

Honey production and processing equipment for the next leap in environmental and sustainable food production.

  • Technology type: Manufacturing Science

Sprout Alumni_EctoSolutions.jpg

Ectosolutions - 2017

Formulating and manufacturing ectoparasite control products addressing the $3Billion global market for crop, animal and human treatments.

  • Technology type: Biotech

Sprout Alumni_Elastic.Green.jpg

Elastic Green - 2017

Customised foliar sprays for commercial fruit and vegetable growers.

  • Technology type: Agrochemical

Sprout Alumni_FTEK.jpg

FTEK - 2017

Automated indoor growing machinery for crop handling & maintenance.

  • Technology type: Automation


Helix ID - 2017

eID for dairy cattle.

  • Technology type: IoT & sensors

Sprout Alumni_Knowby.jpg

Knowby - 2017

Software product to address a problem for manufacturers in equipping their sales channels, field teams and end users with easy to use, mobile first, product support and servicing information.

  • Technology type: Software

Sprout Alumni_Koru Diagnostics.png

Koru Diagnostics (includes Pinpoint Diagnostics) - 2017

Point of care bovine mastitis diagnostic for bacteria identification.

  • Technology type: Biotech

Sprout Alumni_Tribal.png

Tribal - 2017

Cloud based farm & agribusiness compliance software.

  • Technology Type: Software

Sprout Alumni_AgriTrack.jpg

AgriTrack - 2016

AgriTrack recognise that large-scale row crop farmers face a range of logistical challenges during harvest time. AgriTrack provides a suite of software to help growers through the growing season.

  • Technology type: Software

Sprout Alumni_BuzzTech.png

BuzzTech (formerly Beez Thingz) - 2016

Buzztech uses IoT technology to deliver hive health and performance insights to Apiary Managers to help them improve yield of their high value honey operations.

  • Technology type: IoT & sensors

Sprout Alumni_DairyMax.jpg

DairyMax - 2016

Feed budgeting software developed by an expert animal nutritionist. Its algorithm has been developed and refined over eight years.

  • Technology type: Software

Sprout Alumni_happy-cow.png

Happy Cow Milk (formerly Nature Matters Milk Co) - 2016

Nature Matters Milk Co. has developed a business model that allows small-scale dairy farms to sell directly to trade and consumer channels in local metropolitan populations.

  • Technology type: Manufacturing

Sprout Alumni_Hayload.png

Hayload (formerly AgTract) - 2016

Hayload is a mobile app for agricultural contractors designed to make their lives more efficient by automating the business management tasks that take time away from a contractor’s workday.

  • Technology type: Software

Sprout Alumni_Logiclabs.png

Logic Labs - 2016

Logic Labs is developing software for advanced crop estimation and orchard management.

  • Technology type: Software

Sprout Alumni_Sensee.jpg

Sensee - 2016

Sensee is making farm monitoring cost effective for all farmers through an easy to use interface on smart devices. They will enable farmers to plug and play with on farm sensors for everything from water, power, to crop health and animal well being.

  • Technology type: IoT & sensors

Sprout Alumni_Shepherd.jpg

Shepherd - 2016

Shepherd recognises that on-farm health and safety is a growing issue in New Zealand. They've developed an easy to use, farmer focused health and safety app.

  • Technology type: Software