Sprout partner family grows for 2019

The Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) is focused on driving and facilitating economic growth in Palmerston North and Manawatu, with the aim of becoming New Zealand's most progressive region by 2025. CEDA’s goal is to build a strong foundation for a long-term, sustainable, thriving economy.

“There is a wealth of research that shows high performing, dynamic regions have a healthy and thriving start-up ecosystem. Creating an environment where people and businesses can grow, innovate and start new ventures creates jobs, attracts investment and other firms that want to be part of this dynamic local business environment. This is due to a close proximity to competitors and suppliers, talent sharing, and maximising supply chains,” says Linda Stewart, CEDA Chief Executive.

With this in mind, it was an easy decision to support the Sprout Accelerator.

Sprout Partner - CEDA_CEO_Linda_Stewart.jpeg

“We see our role as an enabler and we want to support the great work Sprout is already doing,” says Stewart.

CEDA is no stranger to the industry, as they deliver New Zealand AgriFood Week in Manawatu. This is a week-long forum that brings together thought-leaders and decision makers to address the primary industries’ biggest challenges, opportunities and potential.

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It also supports the identification of opportunities to collaborate across sectors, with local and central government, producers, growers and consumers to ensure Manawatu is leading the charge in product development, innovation and sustainability, for the benefit of New Zealand.

“Palmerston North and Manawatu is already organically an agritech hub. This is largely thanks to Sprout,” says Stewart.

“Our role is support the development of an environment where connections can form, resources and mentors can be accessed, and investment attracted. CEDA supporting Sprout is one of the primary mechanics to make that happen.”

James Bell-Booth, Accelerator Manager says "Sprout and CEDA share the same vision for what the future needs to look like for feeding and looking after the health of the people and the planet in 50 years.  Agritech & agrifood technologies are going to play a massive role in delivering this vision.'

By working together Sprout & CEDA can combine the best of the Manawatu regions capability with the knowledge and know-how of commercialisation to get it to market.  This results in building a region in New Zealand that is world class."

Sprout Team