Nine companies selected for Sprout Agritech Accelerator

This year the Selection Committee have chosen nine companies to take part in the Sprout Agritech Accelerator.

More than 80 agritech start-ups from across New Zealand and around the globe applied to be part of the third cohort of the annual Sprout Agritech Accelerator.

Sprout Selection Committee Member Damian Lynch.JPG

Selection Committee Member Damian Lynch from PGG Wrightson says the committee was impressed by the display of fresh talent demonstrated by the nine companies selected to be part of the Accelerator.

“The companies we selected showcase unbridled entrepreneurial ambition. These are really good examples of young emerging business leaders who are not afraid to throw everything they’ve got at their idea, and these businesses are moving quite fast, which is exciting to see.”

Sprout Agritech Accelerator 2018 cohort

ABNZ, Auckland
Extracts collagen from cow hide for use in the US wound care market. Created by Brendon Green, Rob Powell, Andrew MacPherson, and Kruger Wetere, who plan to have a plant in Hikurangi, Northland fully operational, certified by the FDA and supplying to US customers in 2019.

Acuris Systems, Auckland
Self-driving robots that collect data from kiwifruit and other horticulture sectors. Created by Nicholas Woon and Matthew Warner the automated robots help orchardists optimise crop loads and increase high quality yields by providing accurate and thorough counts of 100% of their crop.
LinkedIn: Acuris Systems

Farmote Systems, Christchurch
A technology startup designing devices and web solutions for farmers to monitor their pasture and forage crops. Created by Richard Barton, Stuart Brown, Ram Manthry and Souless Yu, Farmote Systems aims to make farming methods more cost effective and less time-consuming.
Website: Farmote Systems

Hectre, Auckland
An orchard management software mobile app to help growers make better decisions, improving efficiency and quality. Created by Matty Blomfield and Nico Gabarra, it is already being used by apple and pear growers in New Zealand and Australia.
Website: Hectre

Holsim, Hamilton
Creates veterinarian mannequin simulators that veterinary students can practice on so they can get proficient in a technique such as artificial insemination or birthing before performing it on a real animal. Created by Mike Williams and David Johnson.

Micropod, Auckland
A smart device that allows you to grow fresh microgreens indoors using innovative control systems, LED growing lights and hydroponics. Created by Jeffrey Xu, Brian Lai and, Oliver McDermott.
Website: Micropod

OnSide, Christchurch
A network communication tool designed for rural sectors to help track on farm risks and hazards. Created by Ryan Higgs, Juliet McLean and Michael Falconer, OnSide aims to connect up everyone working on a farm or rural property at any one time, identifying potential hazards and biosecurity risks.
Website: Onside

Precision Cultivation (formerly Striplinks), Palmerston North
A smart drill/strip tillage machine created by Paul Linklater. The automated planter of row crops including maize, beans and beetroot. Striplinks rips the soil up and incorporates plant fertilisers as it plants the crops, and aims to reduce growing costs of feed and fertiliser.

Shellfish Technologies, Auckland
Automated shellfish opening technology. Created by Richard Barnett, Barry Davidson, Alan Guard and Gerrard Peterson, it will reduce labour costs and improve margins for processors ultimately creating a better premium product suited for the Asian market. The company has a working prototype that works for mussels and is hoping to adapt it to work on oysters and other shellfish.

The five-month accelerator gives participants access to a pool of more than $500,000 in grants and investments, as well as extensive mentoring from a team of experts and access to four fully-funded block courses at locations around the country designed to upskill them as business people.

This year’s cohort will have an opportunity to showcase their businesses as part of the innovation den at the 2018 National Agricultural Fieldays. They will also get the chance to pitch to a hand-picked group of investors, corporate partners and potential customers to support the continuation of their rapid progress achieved through the Sprout Agritech Accelerator.

Sprout Team