Sprout company set to reach aggressive targets

OnSide was created to make life easier for the people who visit or manage rural properties.

Their smart, practical technology is designed to make communication clearer, compliance simpler, and visitor data more useful.

With OnSide, people can automatically check in, notify property managers, and record where their team is in realtime. OnSide also provides all the tools and knowhow to set up a safety system that’s aligned with New Zealand safety standards.

Ryan Higgs of Onside

Ryan Higgs, CEO took some time to update the team and give us a glimpse on where they want to go. Ryan has a science and farming background and has held various innovation roles in the dairy sector.

What are three key business highlights since completing Sprout?

“We internalised our engineering team, making a big difference to our processes. This was a hugely successful change in the last couple years. We also hired two sales team members, which is an exciting part of our story.

All of these things were things we discussed during the Accelerator but it’s impossible to make those changes immediately — so we made them over time and at the right time.”

What are three growth challenges you're currently facing? How you are approaching them?

“Ensuring our technology can keep up with the rate of growth is always a challenge - but a good one. Our engineering team works hard and moves fast to keep up with sales.

That in mind, it is also a growth challenge to quite simply — grow fast enough. Not only that, but put the resources in place to do it well. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to better meet our customers’ needs.

Finally, I put most of my time into finding the right skills in house so that we can meet all of the above needs. I work hard to find the best people and make the right decisions for the business as fast as I can.

You can never anticipate all of the types of challenges you can face as a start-up but if you learn as you go, have great team in place — you can make it through most challenges.”

Any additional milestones achieved to date or advice you would like to pass along to the current cohort?

“Since completing the accelerator our revenue growth is on track. We set aggressive goals and we are on our way to meeting them which is exciting. We have also had some great success on some other projects that are in the pipeline — but those are confidential, sorry! Watch this space!”

That’s okay, we understand and are excited to hear all about it! What tips would you offer current and future Cohorts?

“My advice would be to remain open-minded, listen to advice and make decisions fast. Sprout is a really good resource to receive an outside perspective on your business and throw ideas around. Ultimately, it is your business and you need to make the right decisions and execute fast.”