Sprout helps launch company into US market

Remembered for their bright orange t-shirts, quick wit, and grit to scale their business globally, 2018 Sprout Accelerator participant Hectre rolls into 2019 with a shining 2018 behind them and a continued determination to grow.

For those of have you who’ve recently joined us, Hectre is an Orchard Management Platform supporting apple growers around the globe. Matty Blomfield, CEO took a few minutes to share where 2018/2019 has taken the company and where they hope to go in the coming year.

Where has 2018 taken you since you graduated from Sprout Accelerator last year?

“Most exciting, after the Accelerator our team landed our first paying international customer; one of the largest apple growers in the USA. Off the back of that success, we were introduced to other growers in the US, which helped position us well to raise capital.

Since graduating from Sprout we’ve put a board in place, resulting in a major growth for the company. Directors Richard Coon and Alan Timms have helped us from a strategic perspective, helped us clarify our mission and set us up for success in 2019 and future years.”

What are three of your key business highlights since completing Sprout?

Well, we raised a convertible note round that The Factory was involved with, we expanded our team from 2.5 to 5 full time, finally, we more than doubled the amount of Hectares under management.”

What are some challenges you faced with all of this growth?

“Not a challenge per se, but our team expanded quite quickly. We had good success in developing our team but it has brought on its own unique growing pains -- like finding the right office space, creating our own brand of team culture and facing all the variables that go into building an overseas sales team. All good things to face.”

What are you excited about in the coming year?

“The way we sell is evolving. Until now, everything has been a direct sale, it works. Going forward we want to set up channel partners and set ourselves up for future years in different markets. We’re excited about the enquiries we receive from all around the world - Greece, Chile, Kazakhstan, South Africa --- all looking for exactly what we are building. We know we’re certainly heading in the right direction and providing an answer to a problem customers are hungry to solve around the world.”

Thanks for sharing Matty, the Sprout team is excited about Hectre’s growth as a company and we look forward to continuing to work together and connect you to our global distribution network where we can.

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