Sprout Advisory Group

The Sprout Advisory Group is made up of a diverse range of successful entrepreneurs, investors, industry thought leaders and stakeholders.  Their mandate is to assist the Sprout team in defining strategy for the Sprout Accelerator.

Sprout Team_John_Signal.png

John Signal - Chair

John is an agribusiness leader, with specific passion for high quality protein. His roles include:

  • Chair: Proten - Australasia's highest quality broiler chicken farm business

  • Chair: Pasture Pet Foods

  • Director: Ovation - Exporting free range lamb from NZ to the world

  • Director: Venison Meat Packers

  • Director: Biophive

Sprout Team_Marcel_vandenAssum.png

Marcel van den Assum

Marcel is an experienced technology company investor & director. Roles include:

  • Chair: Green Button (acquired by Microsoft)

  • Chair: Flick Electric Co

  • Chair: Merlot Aero

  • Chair: Wipster

  • Former Director: Agritech start-up CropX

  • Former CIO: Fonterra - the worlds largest dairy products exporter

Sprout Team_Ana_Morrison.png

Ana Morrison

Ana holds a number of key governance roles with a focus on growing the knowledge & wealth of Maori in New Zealand. She was recently on the pre-seed funding board of Scion, a research organisation focused on value add research to forestry & wood. Current roles include:

  • Board Member: Lakes District Health Board

  • Executive Director Strategic Partnerships & Maori Success: Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

Sprout Team_Ben_Wilde.jpg

Ben Wilde

Ben is an experienced technology company executive. Ben is currently VP of business development & marketing for Georgian Partners, a Toronto based VC fund, specifically investing in companies using the latest software technologies to differentiate their businesses. Previous roles include:

  • VP Business Development & Marketing: Georgian Partners

  • Program Director: IBM

  • Adjunct Executive Professor: Northwestern University

Sprout Team_Claire_Massey.jpg

Professor Claire Massey

Claire is currently the Director of Stakeholder engagement for the college of Sciences at Massey University, one of the world’s top agricultural & food technology universities.

Sprout Team_Colin_Groves.jpg

Colin Groves

Colin is an experienced food, beverage & agritech director & investor. He was formally the head of M&A for Tetra Laval, one of the world’s largest food production, processing and packing companies. Colin currently serves on a number of boards including:

  • Chair: Deosan - an animal health product manufacturer & marketer

  • Director: Oriens Capital - a boutique investment fund focused on accelerating the growth of small & medium sized businesses

Sprout Team_Dan_Bloomer.jpg

Dan Bloomer

Dan is a leader in applied research of technology for sustainable growing. He is also the founder of Page Bloomer, an agritech technical validation consultancy where they use their micro-farm in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand to validate and sort fact from fiction with new agritech technologies. His current roles include:

  • Founder & Director: Landwise - promoting sustainable production through research, leadership & support

  • Founder & Director: Page Bloomer Associates - a consultancy specialising in technical validation and value assessment of agricultural technologies

Sprout Team_rich_alderton.png

Rich Alderton

Rich is a thought leader in change management for organisations. The thought leadership comes from having led one of the worlds largest dairy equipment companies through a rapid pace of change. Previous roles include:

  • CEO & Founder: ChangeQ

  • Interim CEO: Seadragon

  • CEO: DeLaval Oceania

  • Director DeLaval: Global Purchasing & Logistics