Sprout Accelerator process


Sprout is a six month business accelerator designed for the next generation of agritech & future food companies from around the world.

Our goal….help entrepreneurs grow global agritech & future food businesses.

The Accelerator has been designed by studying the journeys of successful agritech & future food start-up companies. The team has taken the key learnings from these companies, other start-up inventors, entrepreneurs, investors and employees and designed a world leading accelerator in the agritech & future food sector.


Accelerator Benefits

During the Sprout Accelerator the selected start-ups will be involved in the following:

  • Up to a one hour call per week with the Sprout team to track progress against your milestones

  • One to two hours per week of advice/input from the Sprout mentor and expert network

  • Attendance at four underground events held in different locations each month. At these events you will workshop key areas of your business with experts and mentors

  • Pitching and more pitching. Refining your pitch and story to customers, investors and partners so you win support for your value proposition

  • Collaboration and development of the documentation of your business plan and business model

  • Ability to take five to ten individual days away during the accelerator period to travel for specific meetings or business development activities

  • Up to 10 hours per week of Sprout specific work.

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